Sunday, March 22, 2020

Synergy and self soothing

Well, here we are.  I do feel we are starting to settle down. I’ve seen posts about toilet paper in stores for a bit more than a fleeting second, as well as ramen. Who would have ever thunk that the litmus test for the quality of the American life would be TP and ramen.  Uranus in Taurus is shifting our perspectives around material goods and money. 

A “recovery payment” stimulus bill is in the works, which proposes cash in the hands of most Americans in a short time. As I write this on Friday, I am looking at the transits.  March 22 has Mercury sextile Uranus (last week I called it “stimulating” news). The senate votes on Sunday on the details of the payments. Monday we have Mars conjunct Pluto, which indicates power, determination and ambition. As I type this, parties are debating how much is enough, what is the best way to do it, and is the plan serving the people who need it most.  Something will be pushed through, and probably annouced shortly after. By the time I post this, it may be old news. 

Tuesday gives us a New Moon in Aries, which feels hopeful to me. Set those intentions. Have a ceremony.  Seriously...what else are you doing?!  

 This week Mars and Venus are both active as well, making me feel that there’s symbiosis in the works.  Humans may be working together better, as well as agencies and communities. Anywhere there is a Mars and Venus archetype, there could be a good flow.

Mars then enters Aquarius and conjuncts Saturn, which should end the month with a zap of Aquarian elements: humanitarianism, justice, technology, and big ideas.  

So there’s reason to be hopeful.  

Are you coming out of your skin and feeling anxious and generally shitty? Well come sit down with me, virtually, and let’s self soothe.  I created a little meditation for you to feel comforted and embraced at a time when we all need that. Its a hug from me to you, and you to yourself. 

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