Monday, March 16, 2020

Viral Compassion

I have to say, I friggin love how clear these cards are for this week: 

Cards of the week:

Sweary Spirituality I:  Spirituality should support you like a comfy bra, NOT ride up your ass like a thong.

Sweary Spirituality II:  Fear depresses and represses everything... breathing, growth, evolution, orgasm...fuck fear.

Traditional Tarot:  Eight of Swords - WHOA.  this card is literally about "self imposed isolation".   The wisdom of this card is about using your mind, your intellect to break through negative thinking and stuck situations.  


Earlier in the week Elizabeth Gilbert posted this:

“Overreacting about people who are overreacting is just another form of over reacting.”

Also, over reacting is pretty understandable right now. Everything is a bit upside down. Give yourself and those around you some grace as we navigate this craziness.

Compassion is what we are, as usual, lacking here. Yeah people are freaking out. Instead of berating people, try meeting people where they are. That happens with conversations that includes commas, pauses, ellipses and question marks. Fewer periods and exclamation points. That includes being interested and curious yourself, instead of assuming you know everything, or that you know better. when people post or say things that seem like bad information, perhaps ask a question like “Oh. I thought it was 3%. Maybe I read it wrong. Where did you hear that?”

And when they say “Aunt Bessie who works at the news station” maybe say “Ah. Well I might have to get back on the CDC or WHO website and see what the scoop is. But regardless, it is all pretty unnerving, eh?”

Meeting people where they are, versus trying to bring someone to where you are, is the best way to have conversations. I learned this in hospice. When you are dealing with a person with any kind of dementia, it is generally not best practice to try to convince them that their present reality is false...

 So George thinks he’s on a cruise ship in post war France, with Marilyn Monroe. Instead of saying “No George. You’re in the nursing home. I’m not Marilyn Monroe”, it is much less upsetting to just join them in their reality. 

 “Oh, yeah, do you like your ship cabin, George?” 
“Oh yes, its very nice” 
“Is Marilyn in a cabin with you?” 
“Oh. Aren’t you Marilyn” 
“Oh gosh no, sorry” 
“Oh pardon me. Who are you?”
“I’m Kelly. I thought I might sit with you while you eat if you don’t mind.”
 “I thought I was having dinner with the Captain?” 
“Oh. I can check. But he may be busy at the moment. Why don’t you get started eating and I’ll see what I can find out…” 

I have seen this scenario play out the other way and George ends up getting very upset and belligerent.

I’m not advocating that we allow people to live in a misinformed reality when they are not afflicted with a memory disorder. I’m suggesting we approach all of this with a little more compassion. “Yeah mom, I know you’re worried. I think you’re gonna be ok. I’ll help you run errands or we’ll have things delivered, ok? I mean, you should stop licking doorknobs probably…” Because humor is good medicine too.

I told my kids “I think it’s going to be ok. But you know, don’t lick your friends…” “Mommmmm!” “Ok well don’t share food and drinks. Don’t touch your face without washing your hands. Pay attention to how much you touch your face. And stop it. Wash your hands a LOT. And don’t lick your friends is still solid advice” “mom you’re so weird”.

There is a lot that isn’t known right now, about Corona Virus, how it spreads, how long it lives on surfaces, how it behaves in different temperatures. Its NEW. Humanity has not had this before. We have no herd immunity, no vaccine, no antivirals. So we are all on this learning curve together. What may seem like over-reaction from agencies is because so little Is known about this virus. So let’s just do our best. We can do better than we are right now. Our water system is not in danger so stocking up on water seems a stretch. You won’t shit yourself to death so TP stocking seems unnecessary. If restrictions are imposed like they are in other countries, we are still going to be ok. Be prepared but be rational about it.

Be informed. Be hygienic. Be kind.

 Last week I said to watch for an announcement or insight between 3/8 and 3/11  And what night did Trump address us about the travel restrictions? 3/11. I just had to throw that in. Trump has Virgo in his 1st house, so he’s either had his mind changed, or he’s changing his approach to this in the world (1st house stuff).  That moon opposed his 7th house of partnerships…all kinds of partnerships.  Voila.  

So what’s in store this week? 

March 16- 23

OK well, here we are. We have no toilet paper, or cat litter, or good sense. But here we are, together. We’re going to get through this covid-19 craziness together. In Italy people are in total lockdown, but they are singing to each other across balconies and alleyways. Here, we are just hoarding groceries and sort of freaking out about school closures. Which is a very valid freak out, honestly. Many kids and families depend on schools for more than just education. But it is what it is. And here’s the thing, we’re about to break through. Like we always do, we will unite and shine our lights for each other. It’s coming.

Last week I said there would be some kind of enlightening info between 3/8 - 3/11. On 3/11 Trump made a somewhat lackluster and confusing speech from the Oval office. We are still in the shadow of Mercury retrograde and while it may have created more confusion than clarity, that address is a good step forward in acknowledging some truth of this virus mess. There is a long way to go to get our shit together. That may not be too hard when there is no toilet paper anywhere in the country. I kid. But anyway...this coming week has some really positive indications for progress.

Some of the more thought oriented transits are:

Mercury in Pisces (3/16) bodes well for creative thinking. And on 3/22 Mercury sextiles Uranus, which could be “stimulating” news. I’m not wanting to use the word “exciting” because I think we’ve had enough excitement for awhile. I doubt we are done with it, but I’m intending for myself and you that this be stimulating in the way of ideas and solutions. Also on 3/22 Venus sextiles Neptune, which is a nurturing vibe. Let’s channel that and put that to use in our communities now!

And then the astro power plays this week look like this: Sun sextile Saturn (3/19) will give us perseverance, as will the Sun entering Aries that same day. 3/20 Mars conjuncts Jupiter, giving us power & strength to initiate new projects. On Monday 3/23 Mars conjuncts Pluto. This power pair could give us the collective UMPH we need to master these crises.

My favorite thing this week is Saturn entering Aquarius! Saturn in Capricorn has been intense. Saturn is home in Capricorn, but it co-rules Aquarius. Capricorn is earth - mountains, rocks, soil, groundedness, practicality, nose to the grindstone Aquarius is all about AIR, and the difference between Saturn in Cap vs. Aquarius is like walking on earth, vs walking on the moon. So this expression of Saturn is quite different! And thanks Goddess! This transit will focus on structures, agencies, boundaries needed to connect to others, technology, information, invention, progress and justice. Um, yes please!

Let’s continue to laugh at what we can (always punch up, not down!), help each other, remain generous, and hopeful. 

In Love & Glitter,


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Weekly Scopes by Sign

ARIES - Frustrated though you may be, try to focus on the things that are going right in your life. I’m not saying you have to be 100% positive Pollyanna or “it could always be worse” because I would punch myself in the face for saying that. But I am saying try to shift your perspective to what is just straight up working. Even if it’s small things. Its a good week to beautify your surroundings (as well as your thoughts).

TAURUS - Give yourself credit and stop comparing your stuff to other people’s stuff. You are talented and worthy, period. A nagging old wound may start to close up for you now. This may catch you off guard, but don’t pick at it just because you suddenly realized it doesn’t itch!

GEMINI - You may find yourself in high demand this week, and people may be drawn to your light and buoyancy. Give your time to something meaningful if that is an option. Be aware of possible power struggles, and stand your ground serenely.

CANCER - Is someone around you particularly needy? Well, as deft as you are at making such people think that handling their own shit is their idea, you may need a new tactic. You may have to just outright say no to something, which is unusual for you. People know you are generous and tend to hang their bucket under your faucet. So just say no if you’re feeling it, and do it without apology.

LEO - you may be ready to scratch the itch you have had for awhile, and put yourself out there in some way. Don’t allow other people’s bitterness to tame your ferocity. We need you to be ferocious right now.

VIRGO - a partnership you’re considering is worth considering further. Dive deeper and explore the pragmatic aspects before you commit. Don’t get lost in concern about how you’ll be perceived.

LIBRA - stabs your ground, even in the face of uncomfortable conflict. There’s an opportunity to ditch some bad habits this week- habits that come from acquiescing too much.

SCORPIO - there may be a conversation brewing that you aren’t looking forward to, but you can’t avoid anymore. You may be pleasantly surprised to find you agree in ways you weren’t aware of.

SAGITTARIUS - you may be finding yourself in some way right now. New ideas and ways to approach things will be available to you now. It’s ok to trust all parts of this, particularly yourself.

CAPRICORN - you may be feeling a bit misunderstood this week, which is usually left to Aquarians, but whatever. Do what you can to clarify and clear up confusion. But don’t bend over backwards to make people understand. Not everyone will get it, and there’s a reason for that.

AQUARIUS - Your routine may get a positive wrench tossed into it this week, OR you may be a little bit of a wrench in someone else’s plans. If the latter is the case, then trust that they needed to be a little shaken out of their bullshit.

PISCES - this week, something you’ve wanted to do for a long time may creep back on to your actual to-do list. But you may have to take a good look at yourself and you won’t enjoy that process. It’s ok. Do it anyway. You’re healing and this is progress.

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