Sunday, March 1, 2020

Weekly Bitch Memo

Let’s talk about fear, government, panic and some other light fluffy issues that are relevant. As we are all aware, the world is in a fair amount of chaos. There is political unrest in countries all over the world. The US is not at all unique in its fucked up state of affairs. Governments and religions and social structures are all being questioned, reformed, dismantled, reassembled. It is chaotic without question. In the US we have a very insular way of thinking. My friends in other parts of the world know what is going on here as well as they know what is going on in their own country. But here, we aren’t really great at that. We have a sort of Nationalism in our bones in the USA. We have been telling ourselves that we are the best there is since this country was founded. And for many decades, the US represented the best of what was available in the world. It still does in many ways. But the internet and our rapidly growing inter-connectedness has also taken the blinders off of us in many ways and we see other countries that are also doing a pretty damn good job in a way that looks not all that similar to the US. So we are realizing that there is more than one way to accomplish a goal, a greatness, prosperity and happiness. But that inter-connectedness has created insecurity where there was weakness or chinks in the armor. That insecurity is seen all over the world in governments that are scrambling and constantly reminding people who is in charge. It's as if the “industry” of politics and government has recognized the concept of “competition” and they are all fighting for market share. What a capitalist metaphor...its the milk I was raised on, like you.

So the world is a mess and there are protests and revolutions and scandals and reformations and resurgences of things that probably needed to stay down (the alt right, for example. Misogyny, as a triggered response to the uptick in awareness of women’s issues, racism…). This is the struggle for balance. When you get sick, your body creates a fever as a response to fight off and kill the infection. When nature is out of balance, it will fight to regain stasis.

Speaking of nature, and infections. Let’s chat about CoronaVirus. SO MUCH bullshit is circulating about this.

As of today, March 1, there are 87,161 cases worldwide.
To date, there have been 3001 deaths
Over 2800 of the deaths have been in China

In the US, there are 62 (not 22 as Trump stated in a press conference) cases.
In the US there has been 1 death.

The Surgeon General of the United States tweeted “Seriously people, stop buying masks”. The response to this has been a mix of outrage and “Yeah! What he said!” As well as a lot of people annoyed by the lack of professional language by someone of one of the highest government offices. “Seriously, government officials, we, like, really miss professional communications and shit”

Anyway…. Some say a mask will not help you. Others insist it will. The maker of many such masks and a slew of other medical accessories, 3M, is doing really well right now. The question is, do you need a mask?

The answer seems to be “maybe. Not really. Whatever”.

This virus is transmitted via droplets. It is NOT airborne. Aireborne transmission occurs when a virus is carried on tiny dust particles and floats around. They travel farther and are more easily inhaled in larger quantities. Droplet transmission requires transmission from fluid from a sneeze or cough. Yep, you’re inhaling tiny particles of spittle, infected with a virus. Yum. (There are worse ways to catch things...such as fecal transmission. EW. Covid-19 may also transmit that way) So in close proximity to other humans who are sneezing, coughing, or have cooties on their hands and are touching doorknobs etc, the virus is spreading rapidly. Personal space is important as the virus can only travel effectively about 6 feet. I’m a fan of this kind of space anyway!

There was some question about transmission between people and pets and this is generally being considered “unlikely”. Pets can get different types of corona viruses (there’s several and we’ve all had them, usually as a “cold”. This one, Covid-19, is just particularly assholey) but thus far it appears unlikely that we can infect them or they can infect us. They are still looking into it. In China, one dog has been quarantined because his nasal cavity tested “weak positive” for Covid-19. But again, thus far, it is not believed that pets can transmit to humans, or become a source of the virus.

So the best way to not get infected is to keep your distance, wash your hands like a freak, avoid touching your face, rubbing your eyes, picking your nose, touching your mouth, particularly in public when you haven’t washed your hands. Don’t pick your nose in public anyway, honestly!

I do think masks have a place in this scenario. Sure, they aren’t tight around your face so yeah, droplets could enter. But with your most dominant face holes (serious medical terminology) covered, the risk of inhaling the virus decreases significantly. If I was going to go into Walmart (which I won’t because empath problems), or an airport with a lot of international activity, I WOULD wear a mask. (Patrick and I disagree on this point and he is traveling through Dubai later this month.) If you don’t have a mask, I don’t think you need to panic. If you have a mask, I don’t think you need to wear it to go to the mailbox.

People with compromised immune systems are are higher risk. This virus basically is a gnarly assholey pneumonia. When it is treated in a timely manner, in a facility with proper equipment, its just a kickass respiratory illness that may knock you on your ass. It isn’t a death sentence. But it isn’t the average flu either.

Take your vitamin C. Take your echinacea. Use your Thieves oil or On Guard. Eat healthy. Whatever your personal routine is for immune health, do it.

The common flu has a fatality rate of about 0.5%. Covid-19 is about 2-3%. Most of those deaths have been in compromised people, and in places where it was not treated fast enough, or with the respiratory equipment needed. The US has major health care problems, but we are not wanting for equipment in a way that is likely to create a problem here. Be vigilant and monitor your health. Act quickly and be demanding about being taken seriously. Advocate for yourself and your family like a bear.

The majority of the shit show from this virus is likely to be the impact on our every day lives, the economy, and things like that. Japan CLOSED all schools for 30 days. Can you imagine? Well we should imagine because it COULD happen. Saudi Arabia CANCELLED Muslim pilgrimages to Mecca. Sporting events are being held with NO crowds. Events are being cancelled all over the world. The conveniences and freedom we enjoy could be impacted. But we don’t need to panic. We need to try to be calm and go about our lives. When we need to panic, I’ll be sure to blog to let you know ...heehee.

At the crux of this bullshit is the ever present truth - we are all in this together. All Americans. All countries. All humans. We are all connected. What affects them affects us. What affects you affects me. Stay in a place of compassion as much as possible. But also, stay grounded. Be practical. Use your noggin. Get your facts.

(For the record, my statistics are from the World Health Organization website, the CDC, and BBC.)

Fear is a basic human response to danger. Your ancient, reptilian brain senses anything that is different as a potential threat. It used to be dinosaurs and snakes and warring tribes. Now its traffic, and internet news, the stock market, and the new guy at work. Fear is normal. It exists for a reason. But fear is also cultivated by people in power and authority, and that is intentional. That is 1000% intentional. When we are afraid, we are vulnerable. They have our attention. And they control us this way. This is not me spewing conspiracy theory. This is psychological fact. When the military or the police interrogate people, they make them afraid, without actually doing significant physical harm. And in doing so, they illicit a response, confession, etc. We do this to our partners when we want to manipulate them. We do this to our children to control their behavior! It is basic human psychology of manipulation 101. When fear is cultivated, we are at their mercy. Try to recognize where your fear is coming from. Is it yours, or is it something someone told you you should feel?

We can’t be complacent and cavalier and overly fluffy about life these days. But we can’t be panicked cockroaches when the lights come on either. Use your beautiful brain for good.

In other news, Mercury will back into Aquarius this week and I think that energy will bolster the systems that we need to be functioning properly right now. Then it goes direct on March 9th. That same day, we have a full moon in Virgo. Virgo, which rules the body, illness, habits, service.  There will definitely be some information highlighted about this virus around this time. 

March does feel a bit more genteel as I look at the transits. Mercury in Aquarius can really get things moving in the right direction, and then Saturn moves in to Aquarius as well and the timing is great. Saturn will get the ducks in a row with our social structures, and get rid of ones that don't work for the highest good.  We're about to enter Aries season as well, so things are going to get done, no question. I also am holding a space for the new moon in Pisces at the end of March to bring some closure to things, and to show us what we need to plant and intend to thrive in April.  

We ARE making progress.  

Be fierce. Be loving.  Be kind.  Be a bitch.  Be unapologetic.  Be all of those things are more.  

Be Well.

In Love & Glitter,


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