Sunday, February 23, 2020

Piscean dream life

As I’ve shared many times, my dream recall is low. And I prefer it that way. 
The last week I’ve had many dreams. The only change is mercury rx in pisces. I haven’t changed any of my routine, eating, meds etc. 
first dream I  recall was early this week...

Nicholas cage was in a restaurant, at a buffet.  I was passing by and he was struggling with plates so I helped him.  But as I was holding this plate he started examining the sandwich on it.  It was held close to my body because I was holding other things too. He squinted and asked  “what is that between the lettuce and turkey??”
“Um, my cleavage”
“Oh haha I’m so sorry.  I meant the aioli.  Which is now also on”
I looked down to find pesto aioli on my shirt.  We laughed. He thanked me and apologized and that was that 

Another night:
Dreamed my car and my purse got stolen.  I’d left the keys in my purse, in the car. But without my phone I couldn’t contact anyone. I was despondent.  I ended up in a city I didn’t know in a stranger’s house.  Patrick was mad at me.  But at some point there was sex In this dream and I was worried because I hadn’t shaved.  

Last night: 
I dreamed there was one of those giant flying fox bat creatures in my backyard.  Someone from Star Wars (I have been watching Mandalorian) was with us, and said “there’s a bat coming.  Look”. And at that moment the flying fox landed on the fence. We were completely enamored of this thing.  It let us hold it.  It had very cute paws and in the dream I kept saying it looked like “Dobby the elf” feet.  (I have not watched Harry Potter recently...)  we ooh’d and Coo’d over this animal and that was it.  

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